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It's really hard to appreciate how fast Sierra is going in this movie.  She's just in front of Kimi at the top of the turn when the movie starts.  Watch it once, then rewind it so you can see her from the start.

Jul 2, 2011

Sierra swam for the first time with her arm floaties and an aquatic dumbell!  It's the 4th now, and she's already doing it without the dumbell.  She's very inspired by Arielle and Melody (The Little Mermaids).


Jun 24, 2011

Returned from Disneyland.  It was Sierra's first trip.  She loved meeting the Disney Princesses and the Fairies.  She loved the rides as well.  When she got off every ride, her first words were, "Let's go again!"

May 20, 2011

Sierra got two sets of Disney figurines for her birthday from Laura and Papa Scooter.  Here she is introducing them all



She also got a set of 3 Princess Sing-a-long CD's from Robert, Jitka, Remy, Hunter, and Anna.  She loves them!  Now, she knows how to put in a CD and change the sound system from the TV to the CD player.  Here she is dancing in her new swimsuit



May 8, 2011

We wanted to surprise Kimi for Mother's Day.  I think she liked it.


Apr 19, 2011

What turned out to be our last day skiing this year.  And a fantastic year it was.  To top off the warm and sunny weather, pass holders got a free bbq lunch.  Sierra has made amazing progress this year.  While she never learned to turn or stop (or even show any interest in slowing down), she developed amazing balance.  You can see it here in this movie of her skiing off the end of the box.  I accidentally puller her back a little on the box.  But, she recovered and made a perfect landing!


And, here's Sierra singing while waiting for our free lunch:


Feb 6, 2011

We spent another sunny weekend skiing at Kirkwood.  Sierra is making amazing progress.  She decided she wanted to use the ski straps for a few runs this time.  If you listen closely, you can also hear that we have to bribe her with hot cocoa to get her to go into a "pizza pie" position.  What I really like is her "pizza pie" position is the perfect carving position!  

She also enjoyed trips into the terrain park.  She did the half-pipe a few times and even went off her first box (which I didn't video because I took her off the box).




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