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Jan 14, 2011

Sierra performed her first musical performance at Kindercare.  This was the two year old class performing a few songs.  As you can see, she really enjoyed it.

Dec 5, 2010

An absolutely FANTASTIC weekend.  We spent the weekend again in Tahoe.  Since we all have season passes at Kirkwood, we went there again.  We spent Thanksgiving there too.  Sierra is progressing AMAZINGLY fast.  Over Thanksgiving, she took one or two runs each day.  Saturday, she did two more runs.  She was a trooper because the weather was pretty bad.  It was just barely snowing.  And, by "just barely", I mean that it was so warm that it was almost rain.  We were lucky that we were at Kirkwood rather than any other resort in Tahoe.  Today, Sunday, we had sunny skies.  Sierra did three more runs today and was happy top-to-bottom every time. 

See her waving hello (and almost crashing), then playing Airplane, then telling Mommy to let her go!

Raw video...

SANY0011 - Waving Hello.MP4

SANY0023 - like an airplane.MP4

SANY0027 - Let Me Go Mommy.MP4



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